Twitter is testing new Bookmarks feature to let you save tweets for later

Twitter Bookmarks feature

There were reports last month that the Twitter is working on a “save for later” feature for tweets. New reports are emerging now that this feature will be called “Bookmarks” and the microblogging site is currently said to be testing the Twitter bookmarks feature.

Just as the name sounds, you can save any important tweet by bookmarking it so that you can always come back and have a look at it in the upcoming bookmarks section. This news was made public by a staff designer at Twitter who said that the company is currently trying out different variants of the layouts for Bookmarks and are testing them in the Twitter community.

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Anyways, the Twitter has refused to comment beyond this. The spokesperson continued to say, “We’ll be sure to let you know if/when we have more details to share in terms of a formal announcement!”

As far as the current layout of the Twitter is concerned, we are expecting the new bookmark feature to appear in the menu and in the bottom right corner of a tweet on smartphones, or in the v-drop-down menu in the upper right corner on PCs. Many of us currently rely on the Twitter hearts feature to bookmark the tweets at present.

There are several ways to save tweets already. But the new bookmark feature will still be a game changer. The company has currently over 330 million active users which is 4 percent more than the last year. With this new addition of Bookmark, we can expect the microblogging site to increase the number of users and give tight competition to other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

We feel that this new bookmark feature will be welcomed by everyone with a happy mind. However, share us your views in the comments section below.

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