SnapChat new Filters can now recognize objects in Photos

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The latest filters in Snapchat can now identify what’s in your photo to recommend graphics such as stickers or borders to append on your posts. These new filters can recognize objects such as food, sports and pets besides the locations such as concerts or beaches.

This silent update of the latest filters was first spotted by Mashable and they have confirmed this rollout with a spokesperson from the company. According to their report, these new filters will be visible as options in the carousel of filters once the user takes a photo that matches any one of the objects or locations mentioned above.

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SnapChat new Filters can now recognize objects in Photos

This new addition is more like an extension of the current smart filters of the Snapchat app including the geofilters, which is based on the location you are at present. Earlier, the smart filter carousel had features that would display the speed, temperature or time and now they have been relocated to the creative tool bar and are available as stickers.

The ability to recognize the objects in a photo will directly influence the advertising the business of the company in future as the individual brands would be able to target users according to the images they’re capturing. The report also says that the fun photo sharing app had also filed an advertising system patent earlier in 2015, that was published in last July.

The recognition of the objects is the current trend of the leading photo sharing apps such as Amazon’s Prime Photos, Google Photos and Apple’s Photos app. One must notice that the Snapchat had earlier introduced interesting features as the current one which is being rolled out and it will be interesting to wait and see if the Facebook will copy this feature as well.

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