Microsoft Office Apps now available on all Chromebooks via Google Play

Microsoft office apps now available on all chromebooks

We all know that the Microsoft has been testing its prestigious Office apps on Chromebook for a long time. A few weeks ago during the launch of Pixelbook, these apps were exclusively introduced in the device. The latest news is that the Office Apps can now be used on all the Chromebooks. These apps are seen in gadgets such as Acer C771, Acer Chromebook 15 and Samsung Chromebook Pro.

The Office apps on Chromebook resemble much with the one on Android platform with the same functionalities. However, while the smaller gadgets such as Asus Chromebook Flip will obtain free access to Office on Chrome OS due to its 10.1-inch display and the bigger ones will need a subscription.

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This is due to the policy of Microsoft which will require the users to opt for subscription if they are owning a device which is bigger than 10.1-inch in size. This is to unlock the ability to print or edit or create documents.

This is a move by the company to increase its number of users. Since the Chromebooks are mostly used by the organizations or institutions, they might be already owning an Office 365 subscription of G Suite by Google. That’s why we must wait and see if the number of Office subscription users will be increased or not.

The market showcasing the severe competition between the Apple’s Macbook Air, Microsoft’s Surface laptops and Google’s Chromebooks and Pixelbooks. With the introduction of Office apps in all the Chromebooks, the Microsoft is literally helping now the Google’s Chromebook to climb a ladder in this arena. Though you wouldn’t find all the features of Microsoft Office apps in the Chromebook variants, its presence will definitely grab a few new number of users to start using it.

However, share us your views on the availability of Microsoft Office apps on the Chromebooks.

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