Meet the man who shut down Trumps Twitter account

Meet the man who shut down Trumps Twitter account

Twitter is always active on locking and deactivating account on its platform that does not meet the guidelines. But, earlier this month one of the most active and popular Twitter account of Donald Trump was abruptly deactivated for 11 minutes. Do you want to meet the man who shut down Trump’s Twitter account?

Donald Trump is known for using the social media platform specially Twitter as an effective source to reach people without dealing with the media. His twitter account is one of the most popular account mostly because of rants, insults, controversial tweets and flippant jokes. On Twitter he has 43.5 million followers and have 36.5K tweets and counting with followers count growing by every week.

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As we know there are so many people in US who are not happy with Trump and have always wondered why Trump’s Twitter account has never been shut down for violating Twitter’s terms. They had found an unexpected joy in those 11 minutes of Donald Trump deactivated twitter account moment. Although, Twitter quickly announced that it was accidental, later with more follow up it was found out that a contractor was responsible for this on his last day of work.

Since, it was related to Donald Trump the reporters started to dig in the news about what happened really that day. Was, the Donald Trump twitter account deactivated intentionally or it was an accident. Techcrunch found out the former contractor ‘Bahtiyar Duysak’ who was responsible for this event in Germany, who agreed to talk to them about the event that happened that day.

Duysak who was working as a contractor for Twitter in US under a work and study visa for a fixed term is from Germany with Turkish roots. He was assigned to customer support team that receives alerts when users report offensive or illegal tweets, bad behavior, someone impersonating another person, harassment and on. The team responsibility was to determine the further action that should be taken on complaints.

Duysak is a personable guy who is quick to smile and close to his family with a European accent. About the Donald Trump twitter account deactivation for 11 minutes he said that on his last day at twitter an alert came in as someone reported Trump’s account. Since, it was almost the last working hours before his access was about to be shut down, he just initiate the process to deactivate the account and with final goodbyes left the building. .

He clearly described the event as a mistake, as he did not realize the account would actually get deactivated. In fact, several hours later when he has already left Twitter office a lady approached him with whom he was not familiar much that someone contacted her to ask about Duysak for Trump’s twitter account deactivation as the panic has already began by this time.

CEO Jack Dorsey said in the interview after the incident that:

“We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again,” Twitter tweeted from its Twitter Government account. “We won’t be able to share all details about our internal investigation or updates to our security measures, but we take this seriously and our teams are on it.”

After, that event he has been pursued by the media aggressively along with his family and friends. Although Duysak was hailed as a hero by some, he says he hasn’t felt like one at all. At this time he not concerned about any further investigation of the incident as he has not broken any laws.

Duysak is not planning to take another tech job anytime soon he is more likely to work into finance or other related field. He said “I love Twitter,” and “I love America.”

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