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Google certainly wants to make the web a safe place to browse, only if you are using its Google Chrome browser though. Because the company is working on to bring in changes with Google Chrome browser updates which will stop the sites from automatic redirecting to other sites against your will in the Chrome browser. This decision is one of the long list measures taken by the company to make the browsing on Google Chrome safer and better.

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If you are a web user, then you should have probably faced the issue of redirecting to another website at least once in your life. Just think about it. You are reading a website happily only to know later in a few minutes that you are somewhere else entirely. And everything happened without any action from your end.

All thanks to the Google, this whole redirecting thing to another website is going to end very soon. The company is taking necessary steps in the form of three new protections to put an end to this behavior.

Google Chrome browser updates

The Chromium blog describes the first step as “all redirects originating from third-party iframes will show an infobar instead of redirecting, unless the user had been interacting with that frame.” It means that the users will continue to remain on the webpage they were accessing and will be notified in the cases of any attempt for the redirection.

The second step is described in the blog as “clicking a link opens the desired destination in a new tab, while the main window navigates to a different, unwanted page.” It means that the real window will no longer be redirected, and the user will view an infobar instead.

The final step is about preventing the disguise download and play buttons from tricking the users to land on an undesired web location. The company is going to rely on the pop-up blocker by boosting it with additional power. This is very difficult though and that’s why let’s really hope that the Google will accomplish its mission.

What do you think about these upcoming security implementations with Google Chrome browser updates? Share us your views and expectations on the security boost in the Google Chrome browser. Also let us know your favorite browser in the comments section below.

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