Facebook testing Collections feature which is more Instagrammy ;)

Facebook collections

Facebook is testing a new feature to let you save the posts and the new way is more Instagrammy. The company has named it collections and it works more like how the collections work on Instagram. Besides letting you to save the posts, it will also help you to organize them into folders to find them easily.

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This update was first found by social media professional Mari Smith. As far as the screenshots shared by Mari is concerned, it is very evident that the upcoming collections feature on Facebook works more like how it currently works on Instagram. When you select a post to save it from the three-dots menu, you will also be able to view a prompt on the screen to let you organize it into collection.

This will really be helpful for those of you who watch the videos and read the posts later. We are expecting this feature to also help several groups to help you shop through the site.

This new Collections feature is currently available only for a limited number of users and the company will roll it out to everyone later.

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