Facebook tag your friends feature might get replaced with Mention a Friend button

tag your friends

A hidden feature in Facebook says that the company is currently might introduce a new way to tag your friends in the comments. At present, to tag anyone, we use the “@:” followed by the name of the user. But the new way will use “Mention a Friend” button in the comments section.

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Upon tapping on this button, a small window with a list of all your friends will pop up. You can then scroll up or down and choose any of your friends from the list.

Credits: The Next Web

The Next Web Team who had reported this has reached out to Facebook to shed more information on this and the company is yet to make an official news.

However, we are not sure whether how this new feature will help the users. Because, the current way to tag friends using the “@“ is perfect and the addition of new buttons will only increase the complexity in terms of usage.

Share us your views on this new upcoming feature to tag your friends on Facebook in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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