Facebook Local, a new app for iOS and Android users

Facebook local app for Android and iOS

Facebook introduced a new app called, Facebook Local which will allow the users to find the information from the surroundings such as the cafes, bars, restaurants in addition to the nearby activities.

The users will be able to view the events where your friends have marked to be attending on the newly launched app. It also contains a section exclusively for the events which will display all the events. You can find them by location, category and time.

There is also a tab which will display all the Facebook events. The users are also allowed to pull all their calendars in to this new app. Facebook Local is a relaunched version of the company’s Facebook Events app which was launched last year. It also comes with features such as the real time location viewing of the friends just like the Snap Map feature on Snapchat.

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Aditya Koolwal, the product manager said:

The new app, Facebook Local, helps you easily find what to do, where to go, where to eat, or what you need — all recommended by the people you know and trust.

The home window of the app is very simple with shortcuts to access the nearby cafes, restaurants, drinks and much more. The discover feed displays all the best suggestions and things that are popular with the friends.

The Facebook Local app is currently available for both the Android and iOS users in the United States. You can download the app from either PlayStore or AppStore respectively.

We find this app more similar or closer to apps such as Yelp and Foursquare. At the same time, it is also interesting to see the company introducing an app of this sort at a time when the competition is severe from several other apps from across the world.

However, share us your views on Facebook Local in the comments section below.

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