Apple Clips app gets update to capture 360-degree selfie scenes

Apple Clips App Selfie Scenes

Apple is rolling out an update to its Clips movie making app on iOS with new “Selfie Scenes” mode and iCloud support. This update is very important for the iPhone X users, because the company will make use of the TrueDepth camera sensors of iPhone X to augment the user onto a 360-degree digital stage. After the Disney and Pixar stickers were added back in July, this is biggest update for the Clips app.

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Apple clips app selfie scenes features

Since its inception, the Clips app has provided the Prisma and Instagram-like filters, but the latest Selfie scenes mode will let the users to move around and network with an augmented landscape. With the help of the proximity sensors and the TrueDepth camera, the Clips will bring the object or the person in front of the camera to switch the background with the digital scenes.

You can relate this whole thing to the green screen in the real cinematography. The only difference is that you will see the effects getting added in the real time while the latter requires post editing processes. According to the Apple, the Selfie Scenes mode is being added to let the users to have more options. We can expect this feature to be copied by apps such as Instagram and Snapchat very soon.

This update also adds the iCloud support to let you continue the editing even if you switch between the iOS devices. The Clips 2.0 is available for all the users who have the devices iPhone 5S and later, iPad Air, Pro and Mini 2 that runs on iOS 11.1.

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