Top and Best Android Halloween apps

top and best Android Halloween apps

Halloween is coming again now get ready to see the local supermarket shelves packed high with pumpkins, super fancy Halloween costumes and lots of sweets. As, it has grown to become one of the most popular festival we have come up with 7 top and best Android Halloween apps to spook up Halloween spirits.

7 Top and Best Android Halloween Apps

1. Halloween Planner

Let’s start with Halloween Planner as we don’t want to miss anything when we are planning for a big Halloween party. This app covers everything you need to plan the Halloween party as it Comes pre-populated with more than 180 items and save all the time typing the list. You can add more items in the lists which are categorized into groups.

You can also share the list with other people with the option of password protection in case you are planning a scary surprise.

top and best Android Halloween apps

2. Trick or Treat

The Trick or Treat app features virtual trick-or-treating which brings the fun of annual door knocking tradition. You have the option to select up to 5 houses per street in different neighborhoods. Surprisingly, some houses are haunted and other houses have full-size candy bars.

top and best Android Halloween apps

3. Halloween Ringtones

For Halloween you need the Halloween Ringtones as it brings the scary sound effects for ringtones, messages, notifications and alarms. This is a free Android app to get you into the Halloween spirit!

top and best Android Halloween apps

4. Pumpkin Carver

The Pumpkin Carver app let you carve your own pumpkin right on your Android phone. This app let you create your own masterpiece and saves you from the mess as if you carve the real pumpkin. As, you got the real design, you can share it with your family and friends and use your skills on the real pumpkin as well to give it the design that you have saved in your app.

top and best Android Halloween apps
5. The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

This is an official AMC app that let you zombie-fy any photo on your smartphone. The zombie-fied images can be shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

For Halloween season you can stop wondering how would you look if you were a zombie, so use this app and see it yourself.

top and best Android Halloween apps
6. Family Locator – Phone Tracker

Although, this app can be used anytime but you must have it in Halloween season if you have kids specially. This Family location app is the most reliable and children safety app. You can see the location of your family and friends in real time. It sends notifications when kids reaches destination and alert when kids go where it is not safe.

top and best Android Halloween apps

7. Halloween Photo Frame

Alright now you are done with your Halloween party, so it’s time to make unforgettable photos in seconds using this app. You can turn the normal photo into something unique using tons of frames, fonts, filters and stickers. You can share it with your family and friends who also attended the party.

top and best Android Halloween apps
Let us know which app you would install for sure in your phone and also about your experience of the app once you used it.

We would also love to include any suggestion from you and update this post with suggested app.

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