Google Domains in India launched

google domains in india

Google launched its Web Domain registrar service, Google Domains in India. The service is currently available in the beta stage and there are no any exciting offers or deals to the customers at present.

Google Domains is going to have competition from Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, BigRock and other registrar services in India. For newbies, setting up a domain would be a gigantic task and that’s why the Google Domains is the solution for such souls, all thanks to its simple user interface.

Right from the purchasing to setting the domain up, the Google Domains provides everything in a user-friendly approach. For instance, the service asks the customer whether they want to hide the details when they are submitting to ICANN.

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You also get the benefit to set up customized email addresses. To do that, you will have to sign up for GSuite, one of the search engine’s paid services from Google.

You must also note that the company is offering domains at a slightly higher price. For instance, you will get domains for below Rs 500 rupees in India. The Godaddy and a few other domain registrar offer domains for as low as Rs 99 in the country. But, the Google Domains offer .com domains at around Rs 800.

Moreover, a few domain registrars offer custom email addresses within the package, but the Google is not providing that either.

Our view on Google Domains in India.

India is growing and therefore it is an important market for companies across all the fields to give a try in the country. Besides that, India is also one of the leading countries that has more number of smartphone users. That’s why we can see all the businesses setting up their own websites and developing apps across the Android and iOS to increase the user experience of the customers. The introduction of Google Domains in India will certainly help a lot of such upcoming businesses in the sub-continent, but the search engine giant will have to consider lowering the prices to make its stand in the country. It is still early to comment as the service is in the beta phase.

However, let us know your views in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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