Uber completes 500 million trips in the Incredible India

uber 500 million trips india

If you have ever traveled in Uber cab in India, then you are part of a benchmark. The cab service has completed 500 million trips in the sub-continent. As of June 2017, the Uber has grown by double digits in the country. The first cab service of Uber was launched in India around four years ago.

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According to the company, the Uber has its services in 29 states and has over 4 lakh registered users. They have also stated that around 80 % of the trips are rated as 5-star. There are more than 5 million active riders per the week in India. More than 25% of the trips are taken in UberPOOL.

To celebrate this benchmark, the company is offering Rs 5000 to lucky 176 driver partners and if you are a lucky Uber driver, you would get around Rs 500 Uber credits.

President of Uber India and South Asia, Amit Jain said:

This is a significant landmark for Uber in India. Four years ago, India was the 18th country in the world to experience the magic of ‘push a button and get a ride’, when we launched in Bangalore with just 3 employees. Today, we’re over a 1000 member team who share the common vision of redefining the future of urban mobility. Achieving new milestones and continuing our exponential growth journey is a reflection of a strong business we’re building in India. I’m humbled at the pace at which Uber has grown and the impact we continue to make to the lives of our riders, driver partners, and the cities we operate in.

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