Latest MIUI 9 features – The best ones

latest miui 9 features

MIUI by Xiaomi is one of the best customized Android versions in the world. The Chinese manufacturer has recently announced a bunch of latest MIUI 9 features. Please be aware non-Xiaomi users, you will change your smartphone after reading this post because it is not just about having the latest version of smartphone, it is also about how cool your software is. And the latest MIUI has everything in it.

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Latest MIUI 9 Features

Below is the MIUI 9 features list:

  • Improvements in Performance

Few slogans are already endorsing the 9th version of MIUI with the words like speed, performance and responsive. We all know how heavier this OEM is. That’s why any move to improve the performance will win accolades from the users undoubtedly. MIUI 9 will allocate the system resources to the app which needs them the most to enhance the user experience.

  • Universal Search

According to Xiaomi, you can search almost anything in the upcoming MIUI version. The buzz is that you can search even images using the keywords. The company has also said that the search feature can be used in the conversations as well.

  • Smart Assistant

The current trend demands the smartphone manufacturers to have their own Smart Assistant. Xiaomi’s smart assistant might not be on par with the Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, but it can still be useful for a handful of basic functions. Most of us depend on the notifications to perform actions. Here in this case, instead of relying on MIUI 9 Notifications, you can make use of Smart Assistant to remind you things by settings alarms and reminders.

  • Fast App launching

We have already mentioned that Xiaomi has done its homework well this time to increase the performance. The apps will be loaded faster than how it loads now in MIUI 8. All thanks to the MIUI 9 speed for that.

  • Split-screen multitasking

The Split-screen multitasking feature is already available on a lot of smartphones at present, but it was missing in the MIUI based smartphones all these days. The MIUI 9 will add this feature on the Xiaomi smartphones.

  • High-Quality audio

Just like the voice-assistant, the smartphone manufacturers like HTC and Apple have enhanced their audio experience as well. The audio-listening experience is already good in the Xiaomi smartphones, but with latest MIUI 9 features it is going to be much better. We are very sure that the MIUI 9 ringtone which you’d hear will excite you.

In case of any help, you can always head to the Xiaomi Website or XDA forum and it is very likely that your question might have already been answered. You might also like two months detailed Xiaomi MiA1 Review.

However, let us know if you are an MIUI fan and love the latest MIUI 9 features by commenting in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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