Amazon Anytime Messaging Service reportedly coming soon

Amazon Anytime messaging service

Amazon had launched its Chime communication application for its business customers earlier in this year. At present, the e-commerce giant is reportedly working on another messaging app, Amazon Anytime which is intended only for the end consumers. The app is said to provide the communication services not only via text messages but also via video calls.

AFTV news reported that the Amazon is currently gathering opinions on its new app from the customers. The leaked image in the report also tells us that the chats are private and you can encrypt the important messages. The users will also have the privilege to connect with their friends by name and they will also be able to make video and voice calls.

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As the messages will be synced across the platforms, the users can send messages limitlessly. The service will also allow the users to play games and we can expect common features such as emojis and stickers to be available on the Anytime app as well.

Amazon’s Alexa services has been integrated with the feature to place calls and send messages. That’s why it is surprising to see the company working on a standalone messaging app as it will affect the Alexa’s messaging services undoubtedly.

There is no news on whether when this new app will be launched. According to a customer, Amazon is in a ready mode to launch the app. However, stay tuned with us for more details.

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