Amazon Echo Look will tell you how well you have dressed

The technology is taking over the human lives in impossible ways. The smartphone revolution has already changed the way we maintain our relations. But, have you ever thought of getting advice from a gadget to know whether how well you have dressed? Amazon has found a way for that through Artificial Intelligence. The company’s latest device, Echo Look will advice you on your outfits.

Echo Look is also powered by voice assistant Alexa. Using machine learning algorithms that were developed with the information from the fashion specialists, the camera of Echo Look will rate your looks in addition to cataloging your outfits. The users can also use their voice to take short videos and full-length photos. The camera department is stuffed with depth-sensing camera, built-in LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur.

Amazon Echo Look
In the Image: Amazon Echo Look

For more advice, you will have to submit two photos and the gadget will decide whether which suits you the best, again using the machine learning algorithms. Echo Look will improvise itself over time based on your inputs and will help you to find styles and brands depending on your lookbook.

Just like Amazon Echo speaker, you can use Echo Look also to play music, know traffic estimates, read news and much more. The company has also stated that it will add Alexa Skills for the Echo Look as well.

Amazon Echo Look is presently priced at $200 and it is being sold only via invitations. Let us know your views on this new fancy device of Amazon by commenting in the comments section below.

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