Google Allo adds the feature to make Duo video calls from the chat app

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Good news for Google Allo users. The search engine giant introduced the feature to make the Duo video calls right from the messaging app, Google Allo. This new integration will be useful for the users who are using both the Google Allo and Google Duo apps.

The news regarding this feature was first announced by the Google Duo’s and Allo’s team leader, Amit Fulay via his Twitter handle.

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If a person who is using Google Allo does not have the Google Duo app installed in their smartphone, but want to use this feature, the chat app will prompt the user to install the Google Duo video app in their smartphone. Besides this feature, the company has also added the ability to add stickers to the photos inside the Google Allo app.

It is very evident now that the Google is trying all the ways to attract users to start using these apps which were first introduced in the Google I/O conference event in 2016.

Do you use Google Allo or Google Duo apps? Let us know your views in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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