Travel search engine Kayak makes it entry in India

travel search engine kayak

The global travel search engine, Kayak has officially made public regarding its entry into the Indian Market. The company will allow the people to search, plan and manage their travel. The site is home for 1.5 billion queries annually for travel information by operating in more than 40 international sites in 20 languages and showing the results from many airlines, hotels in addition to the holiday packages, rental cars. You will also find like a ton of millions in the site.

KAYAK has joined hands with the top local online travel service providers, hotels and airlines from among hundreds of websites. It also provides price forecasts, price alerts and free itinerary management with trips.

Imbert Fung, Director Southeast Asia and India at KAYAK said,

India is a rapidly growing travel market and has continued its impressive growth over the past several years. In addition, the Indian online travel market has immense potential, with increasing penetration and acceptance across domestic and international markets. We have exciting plans for KAYAK in 2017 and setting up operations here is a fantastic step towards making India one of our core markets. While we have had a presence here for a while and feel we understand the Indian user, we are now greatly enhancing our local presence by setting up country operations with Abhijit Mishra at the helm as the country manager for India. What sets KAYAK apart from other travel search engines and online travel agencies is the comprehensiveness of our search results and the travel tools we provide. KAYAK prioritises relevance, accuracy and speed.

In India people are already using many apps such as MakeMyTrip and ClearTrip and these apps dominate the travel app world. Therefore it will be interesting to see if KAYAK can win the hearts of the people in India.

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