Top free Maintenance tools in Windows

Top free Maintenance tools in Windows

It is not just about owning a Computer, you must also know on how to maintain it for easy usage. To help you with this, we have come up with a set of top free maintenance tools in Windows.

Top free Maintenance tools in Windows

Disk Space Analysis

You can call yourself the best gadget geek in the world, but I am sure you have wasted a lot of disk space in your system. If that’s the case for the tech experts, imagine how much space you must have wasted as a normal user.

Top Maintenance tools that are available for free in Windows

Do not worry. You can manage the space by manually deleting the unnecessary files from the Downloads, Desktop etc. But, will it help you save the space? No, it will not. Your files are in fact scattered all your system. In this case, you need a perfect Disk Management tool to help you to optimize the disk space in less time.

We recommend WinDirStat for this purpose.

File Cleaning and Optimization

As you go on use your computer, it will create many files on a regular basis and it includes crash dumps, system log files, Windows thumbnails, temporary installer files and browser caches. I have been through this path. It is hard and time consuming to go to each and every path and delete the System generated files. To help you with this, you can install CCleaner in your system.

Top Maintenance tools that are available for free in Windows

Guess what, I just ran it and cleared more than 2 GB space in my system.

Complete App Uninstallation

In general to uninstall an app, we open “Programs and Features” in Control Panel. But, you must know that uninstalling an app from there might still leave certain traces of apps in your system. If large space is left after an uninstallation of any app, it will affect the performance of your system.


Do not worry. There are apps that will entirely wipe out every single trace of an application during its uninstallation from the system. We suggest you to go ahead and install Geek Uninstaller for this purpose.

Malware Scanning and Removal

Since the old times in the computer world, Malware has always been a big problem. It will continue to be a big headache for every computer user forever. If the malwares are not found in time, it will slow down your system and there is a good chance that hackers could steal your information.

Top Maintenance tools that are available for free in Windows

To help you with this, we suggest you to install Malwarebytes.

Complete System Information

Alright. Good. You own a computer. But, do you know the complete specifications of your system? You might right click on the “My Computer Icon” and find other such manual ways to find a few details. But there are tools that will give you the entire specifications of your system. All you will have to do is just install any one of them in your system. We suggest you to go ahead and install Speccy.

Top Maintenance tools that are available for free in Windows

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