Mercedes Benz and Nvidia join hands for AI-powered car

mercedes benz nvidia ai powered car

Mercedes Benz has joined hands with Nvidia to make car that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Both the companies have been working for this for the past three years and this partnership made headlines now at CES 2017. Sajjad Khan, Mercedes-Benz President of Digital Vehicle and Mobility said that the AI-powered car will be launched in 12 months.

Jen-Hsun Huan, NVIDIA founder said:

At this point it is very clear that AI is going to be the future of computing. This is an endeavor that we started three years ago that we will put on the road next year – unbelievable. At this point, it is clear AI will revolutionize the future of automobiles.

Do you think that we can depend on Artificial Intelligence to drive cars? Let us know your views by commenting in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about you.

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