How to transfer the money from FreeCharge Wallet to bank account?

FreeCharge Wallet to bank account

FreeCharge is one of the biggest mobile wallets in India. As the money shortage crisis is still going on due to the denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the government, many are switching to the digital modes of the payment. FreeCharge is one of those modes where you can book tickets on IRCTC, book movies on BookMyShow, buy goods on Snapdeal, recharge your mobile phone and pay other bills. In this post, we are going to guide you on how to transfer money from FreeCharge Wallet to bank account?

How to transfer the money from FreeCharge Wallet to bank account?

Via the app

  • Tap on the FreeCharge app from your menu screen to open the app and select “Account”.
  • Choose the My Account details option
  • Tap on the balance option in your wallet (which is below the emailD and name)
  • Tap the Withdraw button and select the bank account to which you want to transfer the money.
  • Hit Withdraw finally. That’s it.

Via the Website in Desktop/Laptop

  • Go to and login to your FreeCharge account. Select the Add Money option.
  • Now choose the Withdraw to Bank option.
  • Choose the bank to which you want to transfer the money and tap Withdraw.

You will be able to transfer up to Rs 5000 per moment from your FreeCharge wallet to your bank account. You can transfer up to Rs 25000 per day. Say if you have transferred Rs 25000 to your bank account, you will not be able to send more money than that since Rs 25000 is also the monthly limit. Not just that, you will also have to wait for two days if you transfer a sum to your FreeCharge wallet to perform other transactions. You won’t be able to transfer the money which is transferred as cashback. It will remain in your wallet.

You can transfer the money from your FreeCharge wallet to Bank account for free till December 31, 2016. It might change when the next year begins. There is no news yet on how the company will proceed on this matter.

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