WhatsApp launches new Video Streaming feature

WhatsApp launches new Video Streaming feature

WhatsApp is currently in a good form when it comes to introducing new features. It’s been only a few days since the global roll out of the video calling feature. Now, the company is bringing a new video streaming service in the app. However it has been introduced only in the beta version as of now.

Here’s how it works

All these days, you were able to watch the videos in the app only after its complete download. Using the new feature, you will be able to watch the video even before it gets downloaded. This is just like how the video plays in YouTube with all that streaming and buffering terms. You will see a new play button instead of the download button when you receive a new video.

This video streaming feature can be helpful for those of you who get unnecessary videos from your friends. This way, you can decide whether to watch or not before it gets saved to your phone. To use this feature, you will have to use the latest beta version of the app from the PlayStore. By the time you read this post, it might also be available to you in the stable version.

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We tested the video calling feature in WhatsApp and found it not as the best one in the market. Let us know how it works for you by commenting in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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