Flyme 6 OS latest features

Flyme 6 OS latest features

Along with Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu M3X, the company also introduced the company’s latest Flyme 6 OS. It is the largest system update ever the Operating System has ever got and brings over 400 new features, with unique content-driven design which utilizes 8 elegant colors. During the launch event, Meizu announced that it took around 430 days for them to develop the OS.

Flyme 6 OS latest features

  • It can identify users’ favorite apps and designate extra resources to those apps to make them run more smoothly.
  • 400 new features added, including a revamped picture capturing process & a reworked lost phone finding assistant.
  • Voice recognition accuracy rate to 97% powered by Sogou for support for voice synchronization display, Sogou’ advanced voice Error correction.
  • High intelligence game mode can intelligently adjust the CPU and GPU frequency in the course of the game, clean up memory in time and block all floating notifications, gestures, to ensure the user’s immersive gaming experience.
  • One Mind’s “Lightning Start” feature marks the most frequently used applications at the highest priority, enabling quick response and lightning initiation.
  • Protection against advertising, fraud information, payment security monitoring
  • Parallel space function, allows users to have normal space, privacy space and visitor space
  • One Mind artificial intelligence engine is able to adjust system performance according to user preference.

Flyme 6 will be available for U20, U10, M1 Note, M3E, M3s, M2, M2 Note, M3 Note, M3 Max, MX4, MX5, MX6, MX4 Pro, PRO 5, PRO 6 and PRO 6S. The registration of the Flyme 6 closed beta will begin on Meizu community forum in China from today. The official beta version of the OS will be available on December 30 and it will be rolled out for 21 models. There is no news yet on whether when it will be rolled out globally.

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