Yahoo revamps its official app to Yahoo Newsroom in PlayStore

Yahoo Newsroom

Ex-internet giant Yahoo turned its official app in Android into a newsroom and it is called Yahoo Newsroom. The revamped the application by personalizing the newsfeed with more than 200 categories of topics, referred to as ‘Vibes’ which will allow the users to search and access any kind of news which they are interested in. The users will be able to re-post articles and videos, participate in discussions and share their reactions from across the web.

In the newsfeed, you will be able to see the top news stories from renowned sources such as Bloomberg, NPR, Buzzfeed, WSJ and many more. You can use the message board in the app to post articles from the web to any Vibe so as to stir up a discussion on the topic. The personalization algorithm in the app works on making the people notice the posts with shared interests with their reactions. Yahoo Newsroom is also equipped with personalized alerts for news and conversations that are relevant for each user.


Although the Yahoo has brought in a major update to draw some eyeballs, it will be interesting to see how the public will welcome it. Because, we already have a handful of apps that already does the job of what the Yahoo Newroom does. And moreover, Yahoo doesn’t really have the potential right now to get users who are already using other sources to get the latest breaking news. However, let us know whether you will install the app in your Smartphone in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. The link to download the app is right here below.

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