Google Photos now rotates Photos, animates videos and much more

Google Photos is now updated with a new feature that will assist you on auto rotation of photos and finding old photos, animations for videos.

Firstly, the app will help you to find the memories from your past with friends in recent photos. Using machine learning, the company will find the photos that you have taken in the past with the faces that are in the photos which were taken recently. Besides that, Photos app will also display highlights photos of certain person.

This is how the second feature works. Let’s say you have tons of photos of your baby in your Smartphone, the app will combine all of those photos and display them to you as recent highlights.

Not just that, Google Photos will also provide animations for videos. Using the app, you can now create small looping GIF videos which are present on your Smartphone and can be shared later through several mediums. Eventually, the update also lets the app to advice rotations for those photos which appear sideways. After the review is done, the photos will be rotated automatically.

Let us know whether you liked these new features in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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