Best Drawing or Painting apps in iOS and Android

Best Drawing or Painting apps in iOS and Android

All thanks to the touchscreen gadgets available in this generation, drawing or painting has become easier. You don’t have to buy a canvas or paintbrush to showcase the artist in you. All you will have to do is install any drawing or painting app on your Smartphone. To help you with this, we are going to share with you the best drawing or painting apps on iOS and Android and as an update to this article you can also check out the 40 Best Drawing Apps and Art Apps for 2019.

Best Drawing or Painting apps on iOS and Android


Autodesk® SketchBook® is an intuitive painting and drawing application designed for people of all skill levels, who love to draw. The developers of the app reimagined the paint engine, so SketchBook delivers more fluid pencils and realistic painting than ever before, all while keeping the interface clean and straightforward. With SketchBook, capture everything from your smallest doodles to your biggest ideas, all in one place, no matter where you are.

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Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrators, graphic designers, and artists can Zoom up to 64x to apply finer details, sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size, and color, Work with multiple images and drawing layers, Rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each individual layer, Insert basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture CC and Send an editable native file to Illustrator or a PSD to Photoshop that automatically opens on your desktop.

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ArtRage for Android is a realistic painting and drawing app that includes all the most useful tools from our desktop edition. Along with a full range of awesome, easy to use, drawing tools like the oil brush, inking pen, and glitter, it includes a full range of the most important digital art features, like Layers, Fill Tool, Layer Blend Modes, the ability to add Reference and Tracing images while you draw, and of course, our incredibly fun color mixing. All the tools act like real paint, pencil, or chalk, and interact in different ways with each other and the canvas texture.

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ibis Paint X

The ibisPaint X is an app based on the concept of social drawing; it allows you to publish the drawing process so you can share the joy of drawing with everyone. It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to enjoy expressing yourself through drawings. You will feel the smoothness of drawing, and enjoy fast functionality.

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Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches offers a collection of realistic brushes beside the tools such as pencils, felt and brush pens, oil pastel, filling tools, and watercolor brushes. In the paid version of the app, you can unlock various shapes for brushes in different sizes, a brush editor for size and opacity, and a blending feature.

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