Google officially confirms the end of Project Ara

Project ara

Google announced recently that it has halted the Project Ara modular Smartphone. Dan Makoski, the founder of Project Ara and former Head of Design at Google ATAP confirmed the news. He is currently working on a modular phone with Nexpaq.

For those of you who don’t know about Nexpaq, it is a startup that campaigned on kickstarter to develop modular phone cases for popular devices such as Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6. Mr Makoski has not provided further details regarding the price, availability and other working aspects of the Smartphone. However, he said that the company will ship the Nexpaq modular Smartphone very soon.

Google announced the Project Ara at its Google I/0 2016 event this year. But, it must be disappointing now for the fans who wanted to try their hands on the Project Ara modular Smartphone.

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