Does your Android Smartphone need an antivirus?

Does your android smartphone need an antivirus

Everyone knows what exactly antivirus software does to your laptop or desktop computer. It protects your devices from malware and prevents your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. But does your Android Smartphone need an antivirus? The answer to it is a little complicated. Let me explain to you how.

If you are an Android Smartphone user who doesn’t use the web or receive files from your friends, then you are pretty much safe. But, if you are a web user, you must then know how to use the web and the same is with receiving files from your friends via Shareit or Bluetooth. You must know the flow of data in and out of your Mobile. You must be able to find infectious links and malware apps. And if you don’t know all of these, then the best option is to go ahead with the installation of a Security app.

Always install the apps from Google PlayStore. Because every app that pops up in the Store appears to you only after a lot of screening tests. But sometimes, the Android PlayStore is also prone to attacks. The recent FBI ransomware is the best example and a few of them can also affect your desktop via Smartphone.

With its huge user base, Android is home to a lot of mobile malware threats and 95 % of them target the Operating System. But do not worry, there are a lot of antimalware apps and Android Antivirus apps such as Sophos, Qihoo 360, G Data Kaspersky Lab, ESET, BullGuard, BitDefender, Baidu, AVL by Antiy, and Alibaba Mobile Security. These apps can help you save from those malware threats to an extent. To get these apps shortlisted in our list, they had to pass over 3000 pieces of real-world malware and not trigger false alarms with minimal effect on your battery life.

At the end of the day, you must learn the Dos and don’ts of your Smartphone. But that’s okay. It comes with experience. However, we wish that you don’t commit any mistakes as you gain experience with your Smartphone.

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