How was the owner of Kickass Torrents caught?

How was the owner of Kickass Torrents caught

KickAss Torrents was leading the piracy world for a long while and now the owner of the site got arrested by the US Authorities in Poland and is facing extradition to the country. But, have you ever wondered whether how the owner of the KickAss Torrents was caught. Hang on, we will tell you.

Arten Vaulin, an Ukranian was the owner of the world’s largest torrent website, KickAss Torrents. Vaulin was using a Facebook fan page, maybe for the promotional purposes. If I were him, I wouldn’t have opened an account in Facebook at all. Because, based on his activity in the social networking site, Vaulin was in a way providing all the details in Facebook to US investigators.

So, when the investigators then approached Facebook with a warrant for information on the fan page, the company provided that the Vaulin was using an email address. We all know that the Apple owns

Then the US investigators approached Apple in search of all the data related to Unfortunately, the guy made an iTunes purchase and the IP Address for the same was recorded. It finally lead to the capture of Vaulin. Authorities also found that Vaulin was receiving emails on administrations tasks related to Kickass Torrents.

However, this is a message to all. If you are doing something illegal, you must never have an account in Apple or Facebook. Although several mirror sites such as appeared later online, the death of the Kickass Torrents is very evident.

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