How to find the tips and tricks of Android (Official by Google)

How to find the tips and tricks of Android

These days, iOS and Android are similar in many ways in terms of features and performances. Both the Operating Systems can provide you the features that you want, and it all depends on which one you choose and use. For Android users, Google has now launched a tips and tricks section in the Android website to help the users to use Android in a much better way.

Every time when an iPhone is launched, Apple never misses to provide its users the tips and tricks of the new iPhone. Android is also trying to provide the same thing here. With the new tips and tricks section, any user can dig and find the hidden functions of the Operating System, functions that you might have never come across.

How to find the tips and tricks of Android?

Open and navigate to the tips and tricks section of the website.

The tutorials are divided in categories – Security, Apps, Customization, Battery, Photo, Voice and Security that holds a total of 53 tips at present. The tips include guidance on how to back up your photos, save your phone’s data in the case of theft or loss and the types of voice commands you can use etc.

You can try these tips and tricks without even thinking twice as these are official and suggested to you by Google. These tips will not damage the performance of your phone, nor will it cause you any trouble, rather it will provide only safety and security.

Do you know any tips and tricks of Android? Let us know about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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