How to avail the 10 minute free talktime offer in Vodafone?

Thanks to the Smartphones, we are living in a world we are connected with our family members and friends. And if you are Vodafone customer, there’s good news for you. The company is offering a 10 minute free talktime for the customers whose conversations get interrupted due to any reason. But do not worry if you are facing the same issue, because here in this post we are going to guide you on how to avail the 10 minute free talktime offer in Vodafone.

How to avail the 10 minute free talktime offer in Vodafone?

  • To avail this offer, you will need to be a Vodafone customer in India.
  • Open any SMS Messaging app, and type ‘BETTER’ and sent it to 199.
  • That’s it. You will get the 10 minutes talktime credited to your account within 30 minutes.
  • If you haven’t got the free 10 minutes, you can always call the customer and get your talktime credited to your number.

Sandeep Kataria, Director – Consumer, Vodafone India said, “Each conversation on our network is important and must carry on uninterrupted. At times, however, conversations do get interrupted. To continue such conversations, we are offering 10-minute talk time benefit, no questions asked.”

Lately the call drops is a frequent thing in Vodafone and other networks. And that’s why the company has come up with a free talktime offer to woo the customers. Earlier this week, Vodafone has also announced a 67 percent data benefit to the customers.

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