Ringing Bells to enter the Television market with Freedom HD LED TV in India

Ringing Bells, the manufacturer of Freedom 251 Smartphone is all set to enter the television market as well. The company is likely to launch its new HD television on July 7 at an event in Delhi. Ringing Bells has also said that they will launch a new collection of Smartphones besides the Freedom HD LED TV.

freedom hd led tv invitation

The invitations have been sent to the media for the event. However there is no word yet on availability and pricing. We can expect the television to be cheap like its Freedom 251 Smartphone. Anmol Goel, the General Manager has however revealed that the TV would cost less than 10000 bucks. The TV is speculated to sport a 32-inch display.

The news has however raised many eyebrows as the company is yet to deliver its Freedom 251 Smartphone which started its pre-order months ago in this year.

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