Prisma app, the latest buzz in the app world

Prisma app is the latest buzz in the app world. It literally turns you into a person like Picasso as the app can be used to create artwork out of images. The app is available in iPhone though. There is also no news whether the app will be launched in Android at all.

Say if you have an image of you now, you can turn the image into a beautiful artwork in the next few minutes using the Prisma app. It contains filters and effects to help you with the process and trust me, it is mind blowing. The app doesn’t just add a filter to your image, it applies the style after performing a data scan in a very splendind manner.

prisma app

You can become an artist by installing this app in your iPhone. If you are a looking for a new look of you via editing, the Prisma app is the right app for you. You can show off your new look and surprise your friends and the people around you. The app really uses a collection of filters that has inspired by the great artists in the art world. For instance, it has used the pattern and famous ornaments from the artwork of artists such as Picasso and Munk.

Prisma app

The latest update has added the functionality that will allow you to customize the art in strength and intensity. Whether you like the photography or not, this app is certainly a must-have app for every one of you.

The latest trend in the world is all about how different you can be. Prisma is the current answer for you to look different. We really enjoyed testing the app. However, let us know how it works for you in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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