iPhone 7 might be available from 32 GB internal storage


Even if the iPhone launch is not around the corner, the speculations surrounding the gadget always emerge from different sources. The latest rumor is that it will be available starting from 32 GB internal storage instead of 16 GB internal storage.

The iPhone has always been introduced starting from 16 GB internal storage. And the users have always found it hard to accumulate all of their media and app content together in this small volume of storage. And therefore everyone had to purchase the 64 GB version for a smoother use with all of their favorite content in it at an additional cost of $100.

Currently, Samsung Galaxy S7 is said to be the most efficient Smartphone in the current market and it is available with an internal storage starting from 32 GB.

Other rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 is improved water resistance, removal of 3.5 mm headphone jack and a thinner design.

However, it is still very early to comment on the feature as the iPhone 7 launch is only a few weeks away from now.


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