How to remove saved passwords from your browser individually

When we browse any website in our system, we normally save the password that makes our job easy as it’s not required to enter the password again. But, it may happen that you need to give your laptop/desktop to any of your friends or cousins in need of time. As, they need it you have to remove the saved passwords from your social networking website Facebook, Quora, Gmail make sure that your personal data is safe. And, in hurry you delete the history and by doing this you lose useful data as well. So, here is a trick how to remove saved passwords from your browser individually for specific websites without losing other data for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browser.

1. Google Chrome

1. Click on the Menu at the right side of the browser

2. Go to –> Settings

3. Click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on the “Manage passwords” link under the section “Passwords and forms”

5. Click on the “x” icon to remove the saved password from specific website


2. Internet Explorer

1. Open the specific site for which you want to remove the saved password

2. Highlight the entered saved password in the Password text box

3. Press Delete key to remove password

4. Press enter this will delete the saved password from specific website.

3. Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the Tools menu in the menu bar which is 3 horizontal line on the right side of the browser.

2. Click on “Options”

3. Click on the “Security” tab

4. Click on “Saved Password” button

5. Select the site and click on the remove button to remove the saved password.

So now enjoy removing an individually saved password without losing any required data. Let us know if you are getting any issue in following the above instructions.

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