Google Play to get new 8 categories to help you find apps more easily

Google Play Store

Google announced that the Play Store will get around new 8 categories in the App section such as Art & Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food & Drink, House & Home and Parenting. It will help the users to discover the app that they are looking for in the Play Store very easily and quickly.

In addition to that, a few categories that are already existing will be renamed. Media and Video category will be known as “Players and Editors” and Transportation will be known as “Maps and Navigation”. Google said, “If you choose a newly added category for an app before the category is available for users, your current app category may change.”

Google has a lot of apps in its Play Store and segregating them based on the categories is a huge task. The company has however said that the changes will be reflected over the next 60 days. Developers of the app will have to make the changes and categorize their apps by signing into Google Play Developer Console.

The new categorization feature will certainly help the small apps to reach out to more people. Let us know whether you like this new app categorization feature. We’d love to hear from you.

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