Google introduced new Now on Tap with smart Translate and improved Search by image

Google introduced Now on Tap with Translate, discover and improved Search by image. These features have been rolled out with the latest update for the Android users. You can use Now on Top feature “Translate this screen” to translate text from any screen either it is in apps or web page including pages with multiple languages into their native language. You can use Now on Tap feature “Discover” to get a stream of visual content related to what is on your screen. And, you can use Now on Tap feature “Search by image” to simply point your camera at the Barcode and get helpful cards related to that object, such as user reviews.

We know there are multiple apps in the market that provides the translation feature but Google Now on Tap has made the process almost automatic, as you don’t need to leave the page what you are doing because you just need to press the home button and tap the “Translate this screen” card and it is done. But, as per the latest update it is only supported on Marshmallow phone with the language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian.

Google being the largest search engine we always use it if we need to learn more about that particular thing. The Google Now on Tap “Discover” feature has made the search easy as you just need tap the “Discover” icon and it will bring a stream of visual content related to what’s on your screen. It really speed up the process as you directly get the results on the topic instead of wasting time on searching in particular. It shows the stream of links to YouTube videos, news articles and more.


The search via your camera app is nothing new; we have been using it for objects like famous landmarks to get the details and review. The new Now on Tap “Search by image” is an expansion of search via your camera app for objects. To use this new feature you need to simply point your camera at the Barcode and QR codes, Google will show the details and reviews for it. This feature will work with packaged products, books, DVD and more.

Google has always been there for you for more than a decade. You use it to get information from education, entertainment and technology to almost anything. Google recently rolled out a new update for Google Keep that will let the app to organize the notes itself based on topics.

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Source and image credit: The Official Google Search Blog

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