Coming up!! A third party Pokemon Go App for the Windows users

Windows Pokemon Go

If you are an Android or iOS user, you are probably living in the Pokemon World. But there are a few among you like Windows Smartphone users who are longing to try your hands on Pokemon Go, the most popular game in the world at present. Two weeks have gone by, and there is no word yet from the game developer Niantic whether they would launch the game in the Windows Platform. However, there’s some relief news for the Windows users. ST-Apps, a developer is said to be working on a third party app for Windows platform that will allow the users to try and catch the Pokemon.

On the other hand, 89,332 signatures have been been signed so far in a petition to the developers of the Pokemon Go to introduce the game in the Windows OS. Although the third party app that is about to appear in the Windows platform will miss the real AR features of the game, it will still let the users to look for and search the Pokemons.

There is also news that the developer is busy with the launch of another app at the moment. So, we can expect a delay in the launch of the third party Pokemon Go app for the Windows Smartphones. On top of that, the Niantic is expected to encrypt their servers very soon. If anything such as the encryption would occur, Windows Smartphones users will have to wait until an official app is launched by the Niantic for them. But the developer has also said that he might release an open source version of the Pokemon Go if the security of the game is upgraded.

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