Coming soon!! Virtual Reality in your Chrome browser

Virtual Reality in your Chrome Browser

Google is working on adding a Virtual Reality experience in browsing. In its latest beta release for Chrome for Android, two new VR settings have been added to allow users to browse anything online in Virtual Reality.

A WebVR setting has been added in the Chrome Beta that enables the enhanced VR device compatibility in order to help the web developers to integrate the VR content on their pages.

Francois Beaufort from Google said, “The Chromium team is working on several features to bring the Web to VR. They’ve recently added an experimental flag at chrome://flags/#enable-vr-shell to enable a browser shell for VR. This allows users to browse the Web while using Cardboard or Daydream-ready viewers. They’ve also been working towards WebVR support in Chromium and launched VR view to help Web developers embed VR content in their web pages.”

Anyways, the VR feature for Chrome is still in the beta stage and it is expected to take a long time for the feature to land in the stable version of Chrome. If you have the Chrome beta for Android installed in your device, you will need a VR gadget to view the VR-enabled sites, however you can continue browsing the non-VR sites without a gadget.

Let us know your views on whether you would like the Virtual Reality feature to be seen in your Chrome for Android app. We would love to hear from you.

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