Google Maps beta version is now available in Google Play

Google Maps beta version

Google introduced the beta version of the Google Maps. It is currently available through Google Play. To become a beta tester, you will have to sign up for the unreleased version of the Maps app.

According to Android Police, Google Maps v9.27 beta (download apk) gets a new splash screen for Android Wear and new notification settings. For those of you who are using Android N preview, the Google Maps version 9.30 is already installed and therefore you won’t be able to install the 9.27 beta version. However both the versions are in the testing phase and might have bugs.

The version 9.27 has added two more notification settings that includes “driving notifications” and “show pending contribution notifications”. For the Android Wear users, there is a new splash screen instead of the old white screen.

Do you think every app must have a beta version? Let us know your views in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.


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