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We spend most of the time browsing internet for cool stuff, and surfing on the Facebook to get latest update on your friends’ status. But, there are lots of free things available on the web, from which you can take advantage like getting free coupons, learn different languages, manage your finance and many more. So, today from the web we have gathered the list of free things on the internet everyone should take advantage of.

1. Free Coupons
There are multiple sites which provide free coupons and best deals in the market with discounts. But, the RetailMeNot is one of the best sites where you can find all the trending deals and the recommended deals for the shopping along with free coupons.

2. Email addresses that self-destruct in 10 minutes
The 10 Minute Mail, let you create a temporary email address that automatically self-destruct in 10 minutes. The purpose behind this is fun as you can send anonymous email to your friends/family that will not be available in their inbox after 10 minutes they read the email.

3. Learn a new language
With the globalization of everything you don’t when your cousin would call you to attend his marriage in France with a girl from India. Now, you have a situation because you need to learn two different languages other than English to talk to relatives and would be relatives. So, here is the solution the Duolingo is one of site where you can learn different languages with fun.

4. Manage your money and budgets
On my personal thoughts it does not matter what people say but money is the most important thing in life. So, it is very important that you should manage your hard earned money and budgets in such a way that it will help you in the future. The Mint is a finance management site which allow you to check your credit, pay bills, and manage your bank accounts on a safe, well-designed platform.

5. Ambient sounds to help you focus
Most of the people love to work in public spaces like coffee shops or libraries, but sometime they can be noisy and distracting too. The A Soft Murmur site has multiple classic ambient noises that helps you focus on your work.

6. Free counselling
The 7 Cups of Tea provides a completely free way to connect live with a “listener”, where you have the options of choosing free counselling. All the counselling are anonymous, so you don’t need to worry about the secrets and privacy.

7. Automatic alerts or actions
The IFTTT (If This, Then That) is one of the site which allow users to create a “recipe” means they can easily automate their world by connecting their apps and devices with “if this, then that” statements. For example they can set a statement that if photos are posted on the Facebook profile the next second it should be pushed to Dropbox. There are endless possibilities that you can perform with it.

8. Get Free used items
The Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with different sections for jobs, for sale, services, housing and many more. You need to select your region where you will see a “Free” section under the “For Sale” category. You will be surprised to see that people are giving away free used stuffs.

9. Quality Fonts
The Lost Type is a collaborative Digital Type Foundry where you can find different typefaces contributed by several contributors. It was released with an idea that quality fonts should be made available to anyone who wants to create an individual piece of characterful design.

10. Video games from old days
The Nesbox Emulator brings you to the magic world of games that are old schools. It provides all of your favorite games like Super Nintendo, GameBoy, NES and Sega Genesis Color/Advanced games on any computer working under windows 8.1/RT/Phone or directly in the browser.

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