Amazon is launching its YouTube competitor

Amazon youtube

Amazon is all set to compete with YouTube as the company is launching a service for the video creators. Just like YouTube, the new video service by Amazon will also allow the users to earn money based on a minute basis.

The company will also be able to allow the users to buy, rent or download the videos. Jim Freeman said, “For the first time, there’s a self-service option for video providers to get their content into a premium streaming subscription service.”

Amazon has also the video creators will have access to a set of analytic tools such as Number of subscribers, payment history, projected revenue and the number of minutes a title was streamed. The company has collaborated with news organizations and publishers such as Pro Guitar Lessons, Journeyman Pictures, Kino Nation, Synergetic Distribution, Xive TV, CJ Entertainment America, Baby Einstein, TYT Network, Machinima, Business Insider, Jash, Kin Community, StyleHaul, Mattel, Mashable, The Guardian, Samuel Goldwyn Films, HowStuffWorks and Conde Nast Entertainment.

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