You will no longer need plugins to use Skype in a browser

You will no longer need plugins to use Skype in a browser. Microsoft introduced Skype for Web to the preview users, and the company is looking forward to launch it globally to all users by the end of this month.

In order to make it work without plugins, Skype for Web was made in a way that it works only on the ORTC media engine of Microsoft’s Edge browser that is available in Windows 10. The web application is in fact based on the WebRTC standard. However, when Chrome and Firefox starts supporting the H.264 codec, the Skype for Web will function in those browsers as well without any plugin.

Skype for Web without any plugin can be accessed through the OneDrive, Office Online and Anyways, the application still relies on certain plugins to make certain features such as calling mobiles/landlines and screen sharing to work. As of now, the web application supports video calling and voice calling without plugins.

However, we can expect all the features of Skype for Web to function without plugins by the time it is launched to all the users.

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