Sony Xperia X Sample Images

We have recently posted on how it would feel like to have the camera of Sony Xperia X series in your hands. Now, the images of the photographs that were clicked using the Sony Xperia X series emerged online. And I would say the quality of the images is beyond awesome.

The Smartphone is packed with a stunning 23 MP Primary camera with Predictive Hybrid Autofocus feature. According to the company, this feature will always keep you one step ahead.

Sony Xperia X Sample Images

Here are the images that were taken in the Sony Xperia X series Smartphones.

Sony Xperia X sample images
Sample Image 1
Sony Xperia X Sample images
Sample Image 2
Sony Xperia X Sample Images
Sample Image 3
Sony Xperia X Sample Images
Sample Image 4

The company announced that there won’t be any Smartphones under the Z series anymore. They are going to be replaced with the upcoming X series. As far as the specifications of the X series are concerned, the Smartphones are going to show you the world through its lens in a whole different manner.

For a detailed review of the Sony Xperia X series Smartphones and full resolution images read the complete review on Recombu.

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