ShakeSpeak by SwiftKey allows you to type like Shakespeare

Every human on this planet grow up listening to this great person’s works in a lifetime and the world has been following this trend for the past few generations. We are not talking about Ludwig van Beethoven or Leonardo da Vinci here. Of course, they also belong to the category of the great personalities. But, here we are talking about William Shakespeare, an actor, poet, Playwright and the greatest writer the English language has ever seen.

To mark the anniversary of William Shakespeare, SwiftKey launched ShakeSpeak, a brand new app for Android users that will allow you to type like the bard. If Shakespeare have been alive today, he would have definitely loved this app. It has a very cool antique look UI with Mr. Shakespeare’s portrait in the background of the keypad.

If you are already familiar with his works, you might have observed that the kind of English which Mr. Shakespeare had used was different from other writers. Even the playwrights and poets of this generation are not on par with his level of excellence. So, you can use this app with much pride as it will allow you to type just like how Shakespeare would do.

Shakespeak by swiftkey
Shakespeak for Android by SwiftKey

Say if you’d type “Be not afraid of”, the app will suggest you “greatness”. It will also let you go on type a complete full sentence such as “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. And typing “To be or not to” will be followed by app’s suggestion of “be”. By tweeting your plays, poems and sonnets to @SwiftKey using a #ShakeSpeak hashtag, you can send your work to SwiftKey.

As mentioned above, ShakeSpeak is currently available only for Android Smartphones, for a limited time.

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Let us know whether you have loved this surprise by SwiftKey in your comments below. We would love to hear your experience.

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