Reddit official app for iOS and Android users

Reddit finally has an Reddit official app for iOS and Android users. All these days, the users have been relying on third party apps such as Cast for Reddit, Relay for Reddit and Bacon Reader to use the services of Reddit. In fact, we also have come up with a list of third party apps for our readers to use the Reddit service.

Reddit official app for iOS and Android users

“Reddit for your thumbs, coming soon to iOS and Android,” goes a post of Reddit in its official Facebook page. According to the post, the app has a simpler navigation with theme support and inline images.

The company app development team has launched the Reddit official app for the Android and iOS users. Both the platforms has a good number of users who have been relying on the third party free apps all these days. Now that the Reddit has launched its official app, we can expect the users of the third party apps to switch to the official app.

If you aren’t happy with the Reddit official app for iOS and Android users, do not worry. You can either continue using the new official app until the app developer of Reddit make the necessary changes or switch back to the old third-party app.

Get Reddit for: Android | iOS

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