Top Reddit Android Apps in Google PlayStore

top reddit android apps

Reddit is a site that is known for providing news, information and the latest happenings around the world. Although it is very popular, the site doesn’t have an official Reddit Android apps. We hope Reddit app development team is working on it, app design team would have app ideas Reddit fans have suggested. But, as of now it has only an optimized site for mobile users which was released recently.

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The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it, because as PlayStore have lots of awesome apps for android, there are also a lot of third-party apps for you. We shortlisted the best latest apps in android among them for Reddit user in this post.

Top Reddit Android Apps


From the makers of apps such as 1Weather and Tweeter, BaconReader by OneLouder Apps stands top in our list of the top android apps for Reddit user. All thanks to an UI with extensive options to customize, it can be considered as a solution for a Reddit app in Android.

bacon reader top reddit apps in android

One of the recent updates added Material Design in the app. The comments are labelled with different colors for an easier way to have a conversation with fellow members. As mentioned earlier, this app offers great customizing options and is packed with different themes.

Above all, the app is ad-free and therefore offers a great using experience.

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Relay for Reddit

This app was earlier known as Reddit News. If you love animations such as slick animations, floating actions buttons and card designs, you will Relay for Reddit.

top reddit apps in android

Like BaconReader, it also labels the comments with colors. In addition to that, it also loads comments and the content at the same time and you can switch between them using a gesture.

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Cast for Reddit.

Just as the name of the app sounds, it is meant for casting videos and images on to the screens that support Chromecast. Besides that, it also sports a decent Material design without any ads for a great user experience.

reddit cast top reddit apps in android

Reddit doesn’t really support Chromecast. This app therefore is a solution for those users who have been longing to display the videos and images on your TVs.

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Which is your favorite Reddit app in Android? If we have missed it, kindly let us know it in your comments.

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