Pictar now allows you to turn your iPhone into a Digital SLR Camera

If you would ask anyone to pick up a Smartphone that has a good camera, I’m sure that at least 5 out of 10 members would choose the iPhone. Yes, Apple’s iPhone is known for its camera features using which you can take stunning photographs. Well, if you own an iPhone, it’s almost pretty similar as having a DSLR in your hands all the time. But, have you ever thought of turning your iPhone into a DSLR? The latest buzz in town is that Pictar now allows you to turn your iPhone into a Digital Camera.

Pictar is a new camera grip product by miggo that allows you to place your iPhone into the grip so as to use the Smartphone as a Digital SLR camera. It provides you features such as Shutter Release (half and full), SmartWheel etc. You can press the shutter a half to focus the object and a full to capture the photo.

Using the Smart Wheel, you can choose a mode from a list of Auto mode, Video mode, Selfie mode, Snow mode, Landscape mode and Portrait mode. The Pictar works with Apple iPhone SE, Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 4. The Smartphone will not work with Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

It is priced at $90 for basic version that comes with Pictar, Wrist Strap, Padded Pouch and app. It is also available at a premium price of $120 that includes everything in addition to a SPLAT flexible tripod.

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