How to add a Speedometer to Google Maps on Android

Thanks to Google Maps, we don’t have to rely on help from strangers to navigate ourselves to our destined places. Although the app has been offering a lot of functions and every update for sure is adding a new thing, there’s one important feature that the app is missing right now. Yes, it is the speedometer. But do not worry, because, the good news is that here in this post we are going to guide you on how to add a speedometer to Google Maps on Android.

How to add a Speedometer to Google Maps on Android

Google Maps doesn’t have a speedometer yet. So, we will have to rely on a third party app, Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit, to add a Speedometer to display a speedometer on top of the Google Maps. It also notifies you the speed limit for a certain area based on the settings you’ve saved.

How to add a Speedometer to Google Maps on Android

The app also allows you to set up the unit of measurements according to your convenience in its settings. At the end of the day, it is not a necessary app. But you can continue using it until Google integrates the feature in the native app.

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