5 Tips to protect the data in your Smartphone

5 Tips to protect the data in your Smartphone

Security is the most important thing in our life and as our lives have immersed much into our Smartphones these days, the more secure your Smartphone is, the more secure you really are. So, we thought it’d be cool to come up with a few tips to help you to secure the data in your Smartphone. Our 5 tips to protect the data in your Smartphone will prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

5 Tips to protect the data in your Smartphone

Always lock your Smartphone with a passcode

This is the first step of making your Smartphone secure. If you haven’t enabled it, you are really letting the intruders to view the data in your phone.

The feature to enable a passcode is available in both Android and iOS Smartphones. In fact, an iOS device that was enabled with a passcode puzzled the minds of FBI agents for a couple of weeks.

In most of the Smartphones, after a certain number of failed attempts, it will wipe all the data of your Smartphone. You will have to check whether this feature is available in your Smartphone under Settings -> Security.

Encrypt your device

Encryption prevents any person or any other external organizations including the government from accessing the details of your Smartphone. iOS devices are encrypted by default. This will in a way help your data to be safe even if it falls in the wrong hands. In order to encrypt your Android device, you will have to enable the encryption in the Settings.

You will have to update your device to the latest Android version to enable the encryption in your Android Smartphone through Settings.

Enable Device finders

Every Smartphone comes with an in-built device finder. It allows you to find your Smartphone when it is lost. You can also remotely wipe and delete the whole data through Device finders if in case if you have found your device in the wrong hands.

Back up your Smartphone

This is really helpful in cases when you’d follow any of the steps mentioned above. Because, when you wipe all the data, you will need a way to get them back. All the Smartphones comes with the “Back up” feature by default.

You will find the way to Back-up your data via “Android Device Manager” in the Android Smartphones and “Find my iPhone” in Apple devices.

Keep your Smartphone up to date with the latest Software update

Always keep your Smartphone up-to-date with the latest Software update. Because every time an update is available, it comes with ways to enhance the security in your device. It also fixes the flaws and bugs and prevents your Smartphone from any internal vulnerabilities

Let us know in your comments if you’d like to add any other ways to enhance the security in Smartphones. We would like to hear from you.

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