Yahoo Mail app for Android gets Customization update

Yahoo updated its Yahoo Mail app for Android to version 5.3. The latest update allows the users to customize the app using the 11 new themes that are available in colors such as orange, blue, green and etc.

The themes can be applied not only to your Yahoo Mail account, but also to your other connected accounts such as Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Outlook in the app. To change the themes, you will have to select themes after tapping Settings. Besides the customization options, the update also allows you to rename your account titles in a long press to “Personal” or “Work” or any other name as you wish in order to access your emails more easily between accounts.

Yahoo Mail app for Android gets Customization update

You can also now save or preview the images in the message by tapping on them. Long pressing the folder will now allow you to create or rename a folder and create a subfolder. If you haven’t got the update yet, please be patient. It might take time to get the update depending on the region you are staying and the data pack you are using.

Let us know your views on the latest update of Yahoo Mail app for Android in the comments section below.

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